Point Barr is unclaimable land on the Arkansas River where you can drive right to the riverside and get to digging! Well, sort of…more on that later. The gold here is the typical fine Arkansas River material. As you can guess from the map of the site above, there’s plenty […]

Point Barr Prospecting Site on the Arkansas River   Recently updated !

Learning about gold placer mining includes everything from panning (which we all do) to sluicing, dredging and, at the large industrial scale, hydraulic mining. Maybe you’ve seen modern hydraulic mining on TV. The Gold Rush TV show included this technique when the Hoffman team was in South America and late […]

Gold Tourism – Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining historic site

There are quite a few places around here to buy prospecting supplies. When you need gear, please support your local shop. There’s nothing like looking at your choices in person to get what you need and getting expert advice as part of the bargain.           I […]

Prospecting Stores across Colorado   Recently updated !

I’m sitting at my computer, looking out the window at yet another winter storm (we’ve had almost 6 feet of snow this month here in Summit County!) and satisfying my gold fever with a little winter reading. I thought you might like to see some of the best of the […]

Satisfy your gold fever with a little winter reading and ...

A must visit for any casual prospector spending time in the Colorado mountains. This site was a commercial operation that was shut down in the midst of productive operations. Of all the places open to casual prospecting in Colorado, this is the one to hit if you dream of finding […]

Cache Creek Prospecting Site   Recently updated !

If you are reading this now, you missed the grand opening but call about regularly scheduled tours or visiting hours. …to read more about this site and the area, check out this post: http://findinggoldincolorado.com/2016/08/03/news-flash-new-viewpoint-at-cripple-creek-victor-mine/

Gold Tourism news flash: Grand Opening of view point for ...

  The Lomax Placer site gives you a chance to see and touch placer hydraulicing equipment at a site where it was actually used. You can also see a fully equipped gold assay office, small museum and learn to gold pan. As you drive up Gold Run Road from Highway […]

Gold Prospecting & Tourism – Lomax Placer

The chunk of Clear Creek in central Denver from Broadway to Washington St has some really good gold.  This stretch of river also has quite a few bridges over it which does two good things: provides some shade for summer digging Means there’s bigger gold in the top gravels that […]

Clear Creek (Broadway to Washington) – Prospecting tips

Fees, limits on activity and calendar restrictions coming soon. http://m.chaffeecountytimes.com/mobile/free_content/historic-site-of-hydraulic-mining-now-pits-recreational-users-against/article_11776770-6a2a-11e6-b649-cb5011fcb540.html They can do all of this because this is “reaquired land”, not claimable public lands. The good news here is this site was purchased by the government specifically to accommodate casual prospectors like you and me. The gold here is […]

Gold Prospecting News Flash: Cache Creek fees & restrictions coming ...

Newmont North America runs a huge open pit gold mine near Cripple Creek, a small town in the Colorado Rockies. The folks running the largest gold mine in Colorado today have done a lot to support the local community from sponsoring local sports leagues to donating the gold to cover […]

Gold Tourism News Flash: New viewpoint at Cripple Creek & ...