Where to look for gold & How to catch it

gold panning, Cripple Creek, Colorado prospecting



gold panning, Cripple Creek, Colorado prospecting
Your author tapping a pan in Cripple Creek

I get asked to provide my advice on where to look for gold in a creek and how to pan.  I think there are already experts out there on YouTube so here are a few of the best…






First, here’s a great video for beginner prospectors on where to look for gold:

Second, a great explanation of how to pan from the master, Freddy Dodge. He is a great guy and a fellow Coloradan. Freddy also highlights the advantage of looking for bench deposits (only do that where it is allowed!). The actual panning starts at the 6 minute mark:

A good “where to look video highlighting larger rivers:


I hope you find this helps. For the experienced prospectors out there, feel free to add your comments and suggestions on where to look and how you pan 🙂

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