A good reminder – bring your heavies home!

That little scatter of gold above Ike’s forehead is a good reminder to bring your concentrates home no matter what! Why you ask? Well this gold comes from an outing to the BLM lands just north of Joshua Tree National Park in early December 2016. It’s dry land so I was dry washing with some help from my wife (a rare pleasure for me).

Of course we wore dust masks!

While we were there, I ran 30 minute samples in two different dry washes as part of our day 4-wheeling in the desert. (My wife napped during the digging at the second site so no pictures of that spot LoL!)

Feeding my Whippet drywasher

It was a beautiful cool fall day, just right for an adventure. We had a great time 4-wheeling in our new (to us) F-150 but I thought we didn’t find any gold. This was based on the quick panning I did at the time. The good news is that I know enough to bring my heavies home no matter what I see in the field.

Panning in the field while in the Mohave

So I brought my heavies home and there they sat. For four months they sat in two pans in the closet.

Today I decided to go ahead and pan them out even though I “knew” I’d been skunked in the desert. Of course I used my proper finishing process. Learn how here: http://findinggoldincolorado.com/finish-processing-your-concentrates-after-a-day-of-digging/

Nope. Not skunked. Both spots showed color. Not much but some.

So, people, take your heavies home and process them properly. Trust me, you ALWAYS miss some gold in the field. Always.

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