Gold Prospecting News Flash: Cache Creek fees & restrictions coming Spring 2017 6

Fees, limits on activity and calendar restrictions may be coming soon. (May 2017 Update: As per the Royal Gorge BLM office, the rule changes have been put on hold for the 2017 season!)

Some of this change looks to be good news as they plan to allow wheeled carts and electrically powered recirculating systems. The bad news includes new usage fees and limitations on the digging area. They can do all of this because this is “re-aquired land”, not claimable public lands. The good news here is this site was purchased by the government specifically to accommodate casual prospectors like you and me. The gold here is (often) really good so go get some!

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6 thoughts on “Gold Prospecting News Flash: Cache Creek fees & restrictions coming Spring 2017

  • Tim Johnson

    Man, I was hoping to get out there before it gets too crazy.I live in lefthand canyon in Boulder county. Last few years I have been poking around on the front range for gold and I was planning and doing some camping and prospecting out there this summer. I don’t know too much about the situation but it seems like it’s getting busy out there if they are adding new restrictions and fees. I haven’t watched gold rush for a few years but I hear dippys are in FairPlay, bummer. But I’m still probably going to go give it a try. You know gold fever and all. Have a lovely day

    • KevinInColorado Post author

      I know right?

      I’ll be back this summer despite the new rules and fees. It’s still some of the BEST GOLD IN COLORADO!!

      PS Lefthand Canyon has really awesome gold. Have you sampled your own land???

  • Tim Johnson

    This comment doesn’t really fit but. Can I and how do I add pictures to comments. I like seeing gold and I’m figuring most of the rest of the people here like to see it too

  • Tim Johnson

    I will be heading out there this summer. Not to sure what to look for when I get there but I don’t mind poking around for a day before I really start digging. I have done some sampling in lefthand. I only have one spot where I have permission to go and it’s spotty along that strip. One hole was really great. The rest has been ok. I have only been finding gold for the last few years so I only know what I’ve seen so far. So I’m sure there is plenty of things I’m missing. Nice rough looking flakes can be found tho. There is a little gulch where I found a peice of quarts with some gold wrapped around it. Very small, about ( ) that big. Some wire there too. I usually spend my time scooping up flood gold at clear creek. Some spots are just so packed with it.