Finding Gold In Colorado

People have been “finding gold in Colorado” since well before there was a place called Colorado and are still actively doing it today. From American Indian residents of this area and early Spanish and French explorers finding gold in the streams and using it in trade, to modern residents digging in their neighborhood creek, many have found success!

This website shares stories about both the history and current events in gold prospecting in Colorado. You’ll learn where to dig and where to see the highlights of Colorado’s mining history. This is all based on my personal adventures finding gold, exploring the past and writing a book intended to help visitors and residents to explore our state for gold themselves!

Photo note: That’s a selfie of me in Summit County, dry washing in September 2014.

This site costs money to keep up. The only way it pays for itself is shopping referrals. If you appreciate the info here, please click thru one of my Amazon ads the next time you want to shop online. It won’t cost you anything extra and it keeps the site going:

My journey here…

As you may have found yourself, prospectors often ask each other when they got ‘the fever’. For me it came when I […]

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