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People have been “finding gold in Colorado” since well before there was a place called Colorado and are still actively doing it today. From American Indian residents of this area and early European explorers finding gold in the streams and using it in trade, to modern residents digging in their neighborhood creek, many have found success!

This blog will share stories about both the history and current events in gold prospecting in Colorado. You’ll learn where to dig and where to see the highlights of Colorado’s mining history. I’ll also highlight some of my personal adventures finding gold, exploring the past and writing a book intended to help visitors and residents to explore our state for gold themselves!

Photo note: That’s a selfie of me in Summit County, dry washing in September 2014.

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I'm an avid, casual gold prospector. Resident of Summit County, Colorado. Aspiring author, working on a book also called Finding Gold in Colorado (tm). - You can also join the Facebook group 'Finding Gold in Colorado' to get Colorado gold prospecting and mining news. - PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THE SITE BETTER: If you find a typo or dead web link, please, please drop me a line about it or just post a comment. I WILL FIX IT!!

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8 thoughts on “Finding Gold In Colorado

  • Alex dadario

    Awesome info ! A friend just bought a 6 ac. Vacation home near clear creek , and four mile creek runs through her property . She wants me to bring my dredge out and do some sampling in her creek ! I’m planing on taking my 4″ dredge out there and checking it out for a few weeks this summer ! Any info on four mile creek ??
    Thanks for posting this blog ! And any info is greatly appreciated

    • kevininco Post author

      Well, there’s more than one Four Mile Creek so I’m not sure where you mean. Do you have street names or at least the county name?

      Generally, dredges up to 4″ nozzles are allowed in Colorado on Federally managed lands. There are exceptions of course. For a specific spot, I’d use to learn about existing mining claims and Federal land status. Then off to the the county assessor (most have online maps) to confirm current land ownership. Then get the owner’s permission…if you are lucky, that will be your friend themselves!

  • Mike

    Just found this site and I am super excited to learn from the pros here.

    I am also a Summit county local and cant wait for late spring Gold action!

    looking forward to getting my hands on that book, Kevin

  • Joe Marnich

    We’re heading up to Salida and maybe Point Barr. Was that road totally impassable? Or Could a lifted 4Runner get through?

    Thanks for being here/there! 🙂


    • KevinInColorado Post author

      The access road from the south might be a bit wet in spots but you should be fine with a 4Runner I think…let alone a lifted one! The road from Wellsville (from the North) is blocked off due to a washout that created a 15-20 foot drop. The BLM told me they are working with the railroad to get it fixed asap but asap may mean late this summer. If you want to enter from that end, you will have to walk the last mile so bring a hand cart or something 🙂 You will be walking along a decent dirt road, its an easy walk.